Group Managment

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Andreas Niss, Chief Executive Officer
Andreas Niss has been the CEO of Elektroimportøren since 2014. Mr. Niss has background from various positions within retail and marketing, including as Managing Director and Development Manager in Elkjøp Norge. Mr. Niss holds a degree in Marketing & Economics from IHM Business School.

Jørgen Wist, Chief Financial Officer
Jørgen Wist has been in Elektroimportøren since 2014. First in the role as category and purchasing director and from 2019 to 2023 Jørgen was SVP for Namron. Mr. Wist has previous worked in Nille AS and Ernst and Young AS. Mr. Wist holds a MSC in economics and business administration from Norwegian School of Economics and a master in accounting and auditing from BI Norwegian Business School.

André Swensen, Senior Vice President of SpotOn
André Swensen joined Elektroimportøren in 2015 as Senior Vice President of Logistics. Mr. Swensen has experience within logistics and supply in Europris and Nille AS. Mr. Swensen holds a bachelor in Marketing and management from Auckland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Butler University – College of Business Administration.

Ørnulf Kiær, Senior Vice President of IT & eCommerce
Ørnulft Kiær is employed as Senior Vice President of Online and has been a part of Elektroimportøren since 1994 and has a part of the early-stage Elektroimportøren concept from day 1 prior to the opening of the Alnabru store. Mr. Kiær has jonlty worked as business architect in Evry for approximately 20 years.

Espen Taraldsen, Chain Director
Espen Taraldsen joined Elektroimportøren in 2011 and is employed as Chain Director. Mr. Taraldsen has approximately 10 years' experience from store management in Elkjøp.

Odd Christian Olsen, Sales Director Professionals
Odd Christian Olsen joined Elektroimportøren in 2015 and is employed as Sales Director Professionals. Mr. Olsen has previous been employed as sales manager in Sikringen/Solar.

Liv Møskeland, Marketing Manager
Liv Møskeland joined Elektroimportøren in 2016 and is employed as Marketing Manager. Mrs. Møskeland has experience as marketing manager in Elkjøp.

André Hesselroth, Logistics & buying director
André Hesselroth joined Elektroimportøren in 2020 as Category & buying director. Mr. Hesselroth has experience within retail from Elkjøp and Lefdal.

Kim Lie, Category director
Kim Lie has been in Elektroimportøren since 2015. First in the role as Store manager 2015 to 2016, then as Store Operation Manager from 2016 to july 2023. Mr. Lie has experience within retail from Elkjøp and XXL.