General Meetings

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General meeting of Elektroimportøren AS 4th of May 2022:

- Minutes of General Meeting 4th of May 2022

General meeting archive:

- Notice of General Meeting 3rd of May 2022 14.00 CET

- Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting 18th February 2022

- Minutes from general meeting 2021

The annual general meeting of the Company shall discuss and decide upon the following:

1. Approval of the annual accounts and annual report;
2. Use of profit or coverage of losses in accordance with the stipulated balance sheet, as well as distribution of dividends; and
3. Other matters that according to law or the articles of association are to be decided upon by the general meeting.

If documents relating to matters to be considered at general meetings of the Company have been made available to the shareholders on the Company's website, the Board of Directors may decide that such documents shall not be sent to the shareholders. This also applies to documents which to law must be included in or attached to notices of general meetings. A shareholder may demand to be sent documents relating to matters to be considered at the general meeting. The company may not claim any kind of compensation for sending such documents to the shareholders.

Shareholders may cast prior written votes on matters to be considered at general meetings of the Company. Such votes may also be casted by electronic communication. The right to vote in advance is conditional upon the existence of a reassuring method for authenticating the sender. The Board of Directors decides in advance of the relevant general meeting whether such method applies. The Board of Directors may prepare more detailed guidelines for written votes which are casted in advance. It shall be stated in the notice to the general meeting whether access to advance voting has been granted and what guidelines have been set out for such voting.