Board of Directors

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Karin Bing Orgland, Chairman
Karin Bing Orgland is an experienced manager with operational and strategic experience from the financial sector. Orgland worked for over 25 years in DNB, where she was Executive Vice President and held various other management positions. Orgland's expertise includes risk management, change management, credit assessment, retail banking, corporate banking, marketing and operations. Orgland has extensive experience as chair of the board and as a board member in a number of listed companies. Orgland is a graduate of NHH.

Eirik W. Rogstad, Board member
Eirik W. Rogstad is an analyst in Seatankers. He has broad financial and strategic expertise and has previously worked in investment banking and as an analyst at ABG Sundal Collier and Nordea. Rogstad is a graduate of BI Norwegian Business School.

Arvid Tennefoss, Board member
Arvid Tennefoss is CIO and CDO at Nille. Tennefoss has a broad strategic and IT technology expertise, with more than 17 years of relevant experience and an academic career in information technology, management, and organisational change. He has previously worked at CGI and is a graduate of BI Norwegian Business School and Lancaster University.

Anders Jakobsson, Board member
Anders Jakobsson is an experienced senior executive with considerable strategic expertise and extensive experience of managing large organisations. Jakobsson has broad experience from a number of board positions in addition to extensive management experience. Among other things, he has been CEO of Bäckström Anläggning AB, Fibo Group AB, Beijer Byggmaterial AB and Elektroskandia AB. He has extensive experience of working in an international/Nordic environment combined with an understanding of local markets and customer needs and has experience and understanding of the entire supply chain with suppliers, distributors and end customers in both the B2B and B2C segments. Jakobsson is educated at IHM Business School and Tias Business School/Tilburg University and has further education from IMD Lausanne, among others.

Kjersti Hobøl, Board member
Kjersti Hobøl was elected to the board in connection with the company's listing on Euronext Growth in 2021. Hobøl has extensive management experience, particularly within the retail industry and is known for having successfully completed restructuring processes in both Princess and KID. Hobøl is currently CEO of Nille and has significant board experience from both listed and unlisted companies. Hobøl is a graduate of BI Norwegian Business School.